Monday, August 23, 2010

It's boom time again!


Helium © fintag

News comments:
There are reports the world's helium is going to run out (dailymail). My models tell me there is an inverse correlation between helium and the markets. But this is not the only reason why I can feel in my bones we are entering the next and biggest ever yet economic boom since, well the last one. Can't you feel it? Here is why:

Governments will not be able to control inflation through putting up interest rates. Inflation = price hikes = asset bubbles all fueled by negative real interest rates. Come on down Bernanke ... (bloomberg)

The post dot com boom slump was picked up when the Icelandic banks and some money laundered eastern European money flooded into Europe. They undercut all the old banks and turned retail banking into the new investment banking. Well this time its the Chinese turn. The Chinese banks are flush and their imperialistic owners want to own the people of the West. Like the US government, best way is to own their debt. So what are they doing? Building up their banking businesses. I have never seen so many jobs on offer in London ... (HR China)

We are all bored of the gloom. We want shiny new toys like iPlods and Fairtrade Organic jeans that cost more than the factory they were made in. Online retail sales hit three year high ...(zdnet)

Pay as you go. That's right. Cell phones, SKY, cars, Boris Bikes, nobody wants to own, we all want to rent. Hire purchase. No more capital purchases; lots more short term consumption. Bring it on Rupert Murdoch ...(pressgazette)

Shorting is dead. Long live shorting (sometime in 2013 when we are at the top of the curve ...)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

For those who don't know failure

A Levels

Passes only © fintag

News comments:
Today, the UK's next generation of leaders and team players were handed out A'Levels (telegraph). In post socialist coalition cooperation Britain, failure is for those who refuse to be spoon fed. Well done and good luck on their career paths and a life of never failing.