Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goldman to lead the Facebook IPO

Goldman want to lead the Facebook IPO

Goldman to lead the Facebook IPO © fintag

News comments:
Goldman buying a chunk (sky) of Facebook. Inspired. In doing so, they have set an IPO price. Add a premium and Goldman will get their chunk of change back plus as lead IPO placement agent will garner huge fees. Just like Goldman nurtured and IPO'd Ocado (business week), Facebook will be another loss making venture that gets listed and subsequently turns sour and burns before our eyes like myspace, bebo and friendsreunited. I know you all think Facebook is the new internet and google mail is only for those over 25, but we have heard all this before.

Next we will get Twitter valued at USD100bn and tumblr IPO'd at USD1 trillion. It is all 2000 madness.

But before that happens we will get the mother of all IPOs this year and the banks will make a killing. But Goldman will make a bigger killing which is what they are good at. For the rest of us it will be a stags wet dream.

Today's shorts:
Goldman irk the SEC again (bloomberg)
Euro Inflation Rampant (ft)

Today's longs:
Floating rate bonds please (bloomberg)
2011 to be the mother of all ... (wall street journal)

Goldman Sachs to be bought out by Facebook.


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