Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2012: The end of the world as we know it

Evolution of the blackberry

Evolution of the blackberry © fintag

News comments:
My Blackberry contract ends on 31 December 2012. Which is good because the world ends sometime around then and I won't need a cell phone.

Financial predictions are what make us rich. But mostly they make us poor. Billions of hours are spent looking at correlations to no avail and historical data is thrashed about in an attempt to try and work out what happens next. And then there is the irrational behaviour of people; the hardest variable to fix although it seems the unlucky number 13 is pushing all those armageddon predictions into next year - 2012. This gives us hope.

Following the current malcontent behaviour in the Middle East, my current model is looking at trigger events, especially those potential events (all published this month) which suggest the end of the world in 2012:

Solar flares will destroy our electricity (independent)

Hadron Collider will create big bang 2.0 and destroy the planet (wired)

Middle East anarchy will create a very large burning oil slick (citywire)

Food to become the preserve of the rich (bbc)

iPhone users to die prematurely of finger cancer (guardian)

12-12-12 the unluckiest day ever (facebook group)

Aliens to invade earth (mtv)

Mayans cause us grief and predict the 5th Dimensional Shift and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius (Delbert Blair)

Earth will stop spinning and have a rest before going the other way (wikipedia)

Earth to be hit by Planet X (msnbc)

UK's RDR to be scuppered by the EU's PRIP legislation so will not go live on 1 Jan 2013 (ft adviser)

EU's AIFM will never go live on 1 Jan 2013 (hedgeweek)

Lovers Paulson & Soros to build gold dome to protect themselves from the fall out (sunday times)

Y2K consultants to spread rumors that the next big IT event is 121212.


Leggy said...

The blueberry. I had one of those. It was terrible.

Corp Tax said...

Thats a lot of phones...U sure your not a launderer/smuggler of some sort!!

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