Friday, February 11, 2011

FintagLeaks: Goldman Sachs and John Lewis

Ocado Lorry

Ocado Lorry © fintag

News comments:
Hot off the fintag wikileaks servers is this phone conversation (provided in conjunction with News of the World).

A John Lewis Pension Fund Trustee (JL): Is that Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs (GS): No, who are you?

JL: Very funny. We are looking to sell all our holding in Ocado. It doesn't fit into our portfolio. Vans and groceries is a joke but it appears you have been able to ramp its price up to top dollar so we are ready to dump the lot.

GS: That's good. We have some healthy shorts and puts so go for it.

JL: Before I do, explain to me how you got Ocado into profit?

GS: Its a great business model and with the team in place it ....

JL: Yeah, yeah. Look, I am sending you the trade right now.

GS: Got it. Just placing it in the dark pool. Done. Price just dropped 15%. We made a killing.

JL: We bought this shit for peanuts. We made an even bigger killing. Nice doing business with you.

The other conspiracy doing the rounds is the anarchist logo on the back of some Ocado vans. (wikipedia). Maybe Ocado is really a sinister death cult. I saw someone climb into the van pictured and they never came out again.

But that is dull. Here are some links:

Today's shorts:
Portugal helped out by those nice Germans (thisismoney)

Mervyn King and the Clowns release new download track "Inflation blues" (cityam)

Bank CEO's made Ocado type killing (baselinescenario)

Today's longs:
Cajagoogoo's new download fails to reach top 100 (reuters)

Ocado to be privatised. Goldman to be lead bank.


Leonardo said...

This pic was taken in Queen's Gate Gardens. Does that mean we are neighbours?

Finbar said...

There is a good hotel around the corner ;)