Monday, February 14, 2011

Playing to win Obama style

Play 2 Win

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News comments:
Obama. You have to hand it to him. Going from spend, spend, spend, to cut, cut, cut is cynical politics. You see what he is really hoping for is truck loads of Bernanke inflation so his less than inflation budget spends will be hailed as cuts.

The UK's coalition government is going through the same motions. As pointed again by another commentator, the UK isn't cutting at all, just juggling and trying to increase its budgets less than before. Thankfully Mervyn King is going to provide relief when the inflation numbers come in tomorrow (or today if you reading via googles ultra slow RSS feed). This is the number:


Yep. Twice the target. Bernanke should be ashamed but I have a suspicion he is the tortoise to King's hare.

Today's shorts:
Nokia to use Windows on its phones and provide 600 page manuals on how to use them (bloomberg)

Obama spins some numbers (cnn)

Today's longs:
Where are the cuts? (telegraph)

China gets its first hedge fund and it didn't steal it (finalternatives)

Bad numbers are predicted this week.


Anonymous said...

So this is how you hedge your bets ...boom ..boom