Monday, February 7, 2011

Shorting Anne Nicole Smith


Royal Opera © fintag

News comments:
Those who are civilised are cultured by nature.

Alas we are dumbing down so fast, the Royal Opera House is runing a show about a young lady who married an old man for his money. Anne Nicole Smith (marie claire) the Opera is soon to disgrace the stage I so love.

We also hear AOL is buying the editor of the Huffington Post for USD300m. (new york times)

My quants tell me there is a correlation between the dumbing down of Opera and mindless M&A activity. What this means I don't know. Yet.

Today's shorts:
S&P defies all odds and just keeps on going (bloomberg)

Today's longs:

Copper is the new gold (telegraph)

The Queen is seen shopping at Primark.


Corp Tax said...

No good shorting spx...that and DJIA rallying upwards as I type. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum and someone has given them billions to play with

Anonymous said...

i am sick and tired of people saying its overvalued ! how the fuck can you put a price on 500 different companies across 200 countries with hundreds of thousands of employees .. mind boggles that you think fair value is 1200 or 1300 or 1400 .. there is no way to pick any of those numbers ..

Leonardo said...

"Patrons of the Royal Opera House are reminded that photography and the use of videos and recording devices are forbidden in all parts of the theather."