Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The circle of life: Tchenguiz, Cohen, Madoff and Horlick


Icesave © fintag

News comments:
The Tchenguiz brothers. Anyone who is anyone has met them; had dealings with them; or knows someone who has. I met them a couple of times too. All my (ex) real estate mates (property week) had them on speed dial.

So, like most people in the City, we are all searching our emails just to make sure there is no way we will get dragged into this new revelation that maybe they were behind me nearly having a heart attack when my Icesave account was frozen by another Icelandic bank.

I am sure Nicola "Tchenguiz" Horlick and her lawyers are also trawling old emails. I mean she got caught out with Madoff and now this? Maybe she was spending more time procreating than risk management and due diligence...

Now it is well known she blamed the SEC for the Madoff loss and as we all know the SEC are spending lots and lots of time interrogating the empire of SAC Capital for things they might have done illegally but which they haven't found anything (yet).

Post boom when the dust settles, PC plod always gets its act together and starts pursuing those it has belief (I am talking about snitches mostly) couldn't have made that much money without being a crook. So all these big names become targets and behind many of these names Goldman Sachs can be found. It's like one big circle of fun.

Anyway, they have been arrested (cityam). Over 134 police were used, lots of paper and accusations of impropriety declared, and loans for real estate and general badness wafted its way down Curzon street into the square.

I hope they are innocent, I really do. They lost a lot of money from the Icelandic fiasco but I can already hear the sound of doors locking and emails being deleted.

You see, as I have mentioned many times before, real estate is a money launderers paradise and was the sole reason for the banking mess we are in now. So I think they are in trouble. Big trouble and others will follow.

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