Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Donald Trump: The saviour of America

Obama is a robot

Obama's speech writer © fintag

News comments:
Trump Towers.

It is gold and eighties and quite depressing. The man so hated by the Scottish is a real American. Birth certificates don't lie and Americans love a comedy president. (newsmax)

What I want to know is what Mr Trump's views are on Libya. Does he know where it is and can he recommend any of its golf courses?

My models are showing me that the speeches of American presidents have got worse over the years and that is correlated to the demise of the USA.

Today's shorts:
Fintag sets the agenda again (telegraph) (fintag)

Obama tells us where Libya is (guardian)

Cameron says: death / exile / prison / war trials / (bbc)

Today's longs:
US houses to be demolished to make way for tents (ipin)

Mad men to be cancelled and replaced by The real Mad Men: Obama and Cameron (bloomberg)

Cameron revealed as Obama's long lost brother.


Anonymous said...

UK Uncut set its own agenda onto telegraph, why fintag as middle man taking credit for setting the agenda ??!

Anonymous said...

What about restructuring the greek debt? Haircuts out of the question?