Sunday, March 13, 2011

How much are you worth?

Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing © fintag

News comments:
If you own something you will want to value it at top dollar. Unless you don't want to pay insurance or would incur a tax liability.

Facebook. I estimated it to be worth USD300billion. And now an investor reckons its worth USD150bn (telegraph). What a wimp.

Sorrell reckons its worth a cappuccino (telegraph)

The markets tell us it's worth USD31.50 a share or about USD80billion(techcrunch)

Other markets tell us its worth USD82.5billion (allfacebook)

Twitter now worth USD7.7Billion (mash)

Today's shorts:
Mentally ill person is a laughing stock (guardian)

Charlie Sheen goes to number 1 (youtube)

SEC admit people who make money "must be crooks" (finalternatives)

Today's longs:
Charlie Sheen to wipe out US debt (bloomberg)

Ugly woman and Gordon Ramsey burn down Burger King outlets (telegraph)

Fintag struggling to write a decent blog post.


Anonymous said...

"USD150m" typo. It should be "USD150bn"

finbar said...

My editor was asleep...