Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spinning around


Good PR? © fintag

News comments:
Right now we are living in a salad bowl being tossed and spun.

Gaddafi (or Qaddafi if you are being smug) sings "My people all love me" as he shoots them (reuters)

U-Turn Bernanke goes from printing money to burning it (bloomberg)

Cameron slashes defence budgets and says let's go to war Falklands style (dailymail)

Charlie Sheen is spinning his way to a well deserved pay rise (telegraph)

Iran is telling us it has no opposition (bloomberg)

Dodd Frank is too big too fail (reuters)

Unpopular funds produce greatest returns (trustnet)

FT says no to LIA (telegraph)

Old man rapes Goldman Scahs whilst the Fed look on (dealb%k)

Obama changes his spots, follows the Bush route and changes his name to Obomb'em.