Thursday, March 3, 2011

When will Steve Jobs die?


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News comments:
Let's face it, HTC phones are way better than iPhones.

The once very cool Apple brand is now uncool. We all have macs and iTunes and iPods. But it is now dawning that they aren't as good as we first thought. Nice covers but inside its expensive and not that exciting. Take the iPad. I thought it would fail. I tried one and my arms were aching after 10 minutes, my eyes were bleeding after trying to read an eBook from the laser intensive back light, and the screen scratched too easily.

Da da! Now the iPad 2.0. That really pisses off those who have just shelled out for the first version. This new one has cameras and ports and works with flash, all the sort of things the iPadCopies all have and what all users wanted in the first place.

I bought my mac 2 years ago and there have been 4 upgrades since. Apple are short term merchants, grabbing bucks while the hype still shines. Enjoy the stock but it won't last.

[Editor: I have ordered you the new iPad]

Today's shorts:
Wall street throws out its Bloomberg terminals and replaces them with iPads (apple insider)

Bradley Manning's last request - "Can I play with the new iPad" (guardian)

Today's longs:
Libya crisis is given a boredom rating by Wall Street (bloomberg)

Windows is the new cool.


Anonymous said...

Thats a bit harsh

Anonymous said...

Would the original finbar taggit please stand up. Not dipped into this site for a while, won't be again on the strength of this poorly written tripe.

Anonymous said...

Your arms ache from jerking off to porn on your iPad. Seriously, what pussy whines about sore hands?