Sunday, April 24, 2011

Battling against the tide

Battling against the tide

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News comments:

I have an old solid gold Omega watch. Everyday it goes up in value. Not because the watch is desirable but because the stuff it is made out of is in huge demand.

Any rational person would see the Gold bubble as a bubble. It is volatile, there is no income, it is madness. But this time this bubble is quite different and so cannot be called a bubble. It is a flight to quality.

The world is in turmoil. Although some events will come and go, others will be with us for a very long time. Take the middle east. It is a mess but it will sort itself out. Take inflation. Prices will go up and they will go down. Take oil. Nuclear isn't the solution but something else is. Take interest rates. Rates go up and they go down. Take debt. Debt goes up and goes down again. Usually.

Today's shorts:
Glencore kick England (telegraph)

iTracker tracks users to the bathroom (bloomberg)

Today's longs:
Gold (telegraph)

Tesco's carparks to be handed over to UK homeless.


Corp Tax said...

Silver hits 1980 high...just as i stated in my comments here a while back finbarr...Any chance of talking markets with you?? I know you don't really conversate with the anyone on here.