Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Burning fields


Burning fields © fintag

News comments:
The fire is out there and coming to get you.

Most of us live normal lives. We see things as they are but sometimes they are so obvious we don't see them at all. A couple of weeks ago I saw a fire from nearby fields. I pretended they weren't there and went inside. It was only the next day when I saw the scorched earth I realised it was much worse than I had expected.

Take some of the news right now. One moment its fine, the next it is horror.

Frontpoint man did well then is arrested for fraud (bloomberg)

I was once asked to be a Huffington Blogger and am glad I didn't join as I would be a slave (telegraph)

Only a few days ago us Brits were laughing and singing and now we are all on prozac and cry all day long (telegraph)

Once upon a time JP Morgan wanted to be the next Goldman Sachs and today it is the next Goldman Sachs (guardian)

Europe launched the USD killing EUR but the USD is fighting back (guardian)

Wall street has no wall and now has a wall of debt (reuters)