Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do that and this happens

The Bernanke Mix

The Bernanke Mix © fintag

News comments:
Trying to help can often have serious side effects.

Take the EU's policy on lightbulbs. Today we have to use energy efficient lightbulbs that are toxic and give you cancer if you sit near them. They never intended this to happen but it did. (telegraph)

Take China's need for energy. It burns coal and is polluting its people. It has power shortages and would so like to build nuclear power stations but it cannot. So the people have to go without power. (reuters)

Take low rates. As time passes and economies stay sluggish, credit will loosen up as it did in the early 2000's. We all live to lever and by 2016 the world will experience a credit crunch 2.0. (bloomberg)

Take an oil spill. As time passes the oil spilled by BP disappears and the company berated so vehemently by Obama forces them to sue the real culprits; some American companies for USD40bn. (cityam)

Take US interest rates. As time passes, Ben Bernanke realizes he is now a low rate addict and cannot face up to cold turkey. (businessweek)

Today's shorts:
Dow gives middle finger to S&P (bloomberg)

The MPC (Muppet Puppet Committee) keeps eyes closed (cityam)

Today's longs:
France starts trade war (reuters)

Untitled Kate to say I will not.