Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fintagleaks spot on again

Bank of England

Bank of England © fintag

News comments:
And so fintag gets it spot on again.

As reported in bloomberg "King Soothes BOE Staff With Canteen Cost Pledge After Pay Freeze".

Having inside contacts at King Towers is why a few weeks ago I was able to joke about the canteen costs at the Bank of England being a real concern to the MPC rate setters. Now we learn staff are being given food and blankets to avoid having to live outside in the real world. You see fruit baskets and canteens are the barometers of success and staff expect to be looked after.

The memo Bloomberg have is dated 1st April so its probably a joke; but then most of the Bank of England is a joke anyway so it probably isn't. Is it?

Bank of England

MPC's Canteen Concerns (15 Feb 2011) © fintag

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Under the Freedom of Access act, the Bank of England is to open its Canteen to City Workers.