Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Japan nukes itself


Dungerness © fintag

News comments:
March 11 I said

"Scared? You should be. We are all praying its not a Level 7 like Chernobyl" (fintag)

March 15 I said

"Of course this isn't another Chernobyl. So the experts keep telling us. The governments of most countries try to cover up unpleasant realities and truths and unfortunately Japan is one of those with a track record of lies." (fintag)

April 11 the media says

"Japan upgrades nuclear crisis to same level as Chernobyl" (guardian)

I love Japan, its culture, its country, its people. What always alarms me about Japan is its insularity (immigrants are not welcome), its a country that was nuked by the allies and has been nuked by its own ineffectiveness, its people are very secretive and they have refused international help.

We are getting mixed messages from TEPCO and the Japanese government and its advisers. We really are clueless and if this is worse than Chernobyl, Japan will take years to recover.

So there I was at Dungerness a few months ago. It is an old nuclear power station on the south coast of the UK. If it suffered a Chernobyl, London would be knocked out big time.

But that is alarmist and solutions will be found. Hopefully we can all participate in the debate. We are so obsessed about Banking transparency, it is time we started embracing government transparency too.

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