Wednesday, April 6, 2011

News: Mostly pants


It takes a long time to make a pebble © fintag

News comments:
It takes a long time to make a pebble.

Imagine if everyday there was a news headline explaining why and how the Pebble was evolving. Headlines like "Pebble turned over today due to strong tides" or "Pebble dried out in the sun" or "Seagull stands on Pebble" or "Small child throws Pebble at Seagull" and so on would be very dull indeed. So dull you wouldn't bother reading about the daily antics of the Pebble. Maybe a quarterly update would suffice.

So everyday we have to be told why the markets moved up and down. Markets are very complex and move for thousands of reasons so when we read "Markets moved up because Goldman published a report" you know its all pants.

But you know all this. Here are some news links that may or may not be very important.

Today's shorts:
US is preparing for bankruptcy (bloomberg)

Can collector seeds hedge fund (finalternatives)

Today's longs:
Luxury food is what we want in tough times (guardian)

Financial news to be regulated by a regulator.


Leggy said...

You can play with my pebbles anytime ;)