Monday, April 25, 2011

Nintendo, Nokia and Night Night


Red Dead XBox © fintag

News comments:
Nintendo. It is old hat like Nokia.

Once upon a time Nintendo ruled gaming and Nokia ruled mobile phones. But no more. Nintendo is a relic and its devices are being replaced by smart phones. We hear the most used camera for flickr pictures is a smartphone (iPhone 4) and Sat Navs are being replaced by iTracking smart phones. Technology is a tough space to be in and keeping up is a hard act, one which Nintendo have yet to do. Nokia is also struggling and seems to think we all want complicated menus and big button phones.

Back to Nintendo. The Wii was a novelty and so was its headache inducing 3DS. So it is no surprise its profits are down. Way down. And it will probably never recover. (bloomberg)

Today's shorts:
Kate Middleton on the Kings Road (only kidding) (telegraph)

Tony Blair to watch the Royal Wedding on his Nintendo (daily mail)

Today's longs:
Gold, Silver but no bronze (bloomberg)

iXbox to be launched in 2013.


cheyne capital said...

Earlier on its was Televisions and Video players, now it's Smartphones and touch screen consoles. Everyone wants a piece of the market.