Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oxford shows its true colors

Oxford with UC © fintag

News comments:
Oxford win again.

After the trouncing of Cambridge at the 2011 boat race (guardian), Oxford did it again last night by winning the University Challenge. (telegraph)

Despite Oxford falling down the world rankings, it is pulling all the stops to ensure it wins at the things that matter. Like rowing and pub quizzes.

But that is crass and I am sure you wondering what this has to do with the markets.

The letters of Kafka perhaps? (markets being irrational and all that) (bbc)

Oxford pointing out that most people in the UK are migrants (bbc)

All forms of entertainment to be banned in Oxford and elsewhere (oxfordmail)

I mean its not that I even went to Oxford. However, I was intrigued that the team members with the most brains were Australian, American and Matthew Chan who is described on facebook as hot. As usual, the Brits needed outsiders.

No Hot Gossip.


Anonymous said...

you forgot that those who go to Oxford are a minority