Friday, April 15, 2011

Random insights


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News comments:
A random walk is sometimes good for the soul.

Euro inflation just keeps on coming. Not as fast as China's 5.4% or the UK's 4% but the same as the USA - 2.7% - means only one thing (bbc)

A friend has a hedge fund with USD1.25bn and is struggling to raise money because the fund is too small despite excellent performance and long track record.

A friend who is a consultant for the large Investment Banks told me DB were by far the most dysfunctional and a really unhappy place to work. The people have no direction and are disenfranchised. The others? Citi and UBS. Citi has too many workers, hundreds of thousands to be precise, and it is like working for the civil service. UBS is just "odd". Interestingly he told me Goldmans is also in turmoil as it is not sure where to position itself. (bloomberg)

Do you really believe the Chinese inflation numbers? (bloomberg)

Ireland: from potatoes to private jets to potatoes. That is the way its going. (guardian)

Ireland: From being richest man to destitute (dailymail)

Today's shorts:
Bernanke sleeps well as inflation continues to rise (bloomberg)

Birthers in Arizona (huffpost)

Today's longs:
EUR debt to increase (telegraph)

Inflation to be blamed on the bankers.