Friday, April 29, 2011

A right royal knees up


Mandarin © fintag

News comments:
A day of positive news.

So there I was last night at the Mandarin chatting to those women who just love your company and in comes the Queen. Life doesn't get any more surreal. (telegraph)

So the cynics out there are pointing to the parallels of the 1981 royal wedding (recession and misery). Whatever one's views on the monarchy, it is about the only thing the UK has left that makes it different from other countries. Romantic fairy tales and all that.

So today all my news links are positive.

Today's shorts:
Why cash will never disappear (huffpost)

Police clear out undesirables pre Wedding (guardian)

Today's longs:
Dollar worth peanuts (telegraph)

Bernankes gold call option (bloomberg)

Oil companies just cannot stop making profits (reuters)

Starbucks is becoming the world's largest conference room provider (reuters)

Will and Kate have 3 children and divorce in 2024.


Corp Tax said...

Were you at the abbey singing Jerusalem with the other knobs?