Tuesday, April 5, 2011

USA to take a short break

Where is WeiWei?

Where is WeiWei? © fintag

News comments:
So the USA is closing down for a bit.

Personally I am more concerned about the whereabouts of Ai Weiwei. China is a country we all depend on but it has no concept of human rights. The man is an artist and I hope he starts twittering soon.

Of course if I was an American citizen, my concerns would be more immediate like will I have electricity and water at the weekend? Obama's diplomacy and stubbornness is showing through and its no coincidence gold is running away again.

I have spent 2 hours reading about the potential shut down and don't understand it. For a world superpower it does have odd processes. Why doesn't Obama get Bernanke to print some more dollars?

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