Friday, May 6, 2011

Glencore blimey


Commodity © fintag

News comments:

Not much more can be said except monopoly, power, long hard graft and an IPO at the top of a huge commodity bubble that they are responsible for. But that is unfair. The creation of a few billionaires is a fantastic achievement. (evening standard)

There is a lot of unused cash out there and much will be hoovering up Glencore stock and I hope you are one of them for it is the IPO of 2011 (GBP40bn is a lot, don't you think although of course compared to the up and coming Facebook its a piss in the park). It is a stag opportunity and given the commodity bubble is bursting it is probably one to get out of quite quickly. Knowing my luck it will be the next Google and just keep on growing but I doubt it.

The PPM says 44% of its profits come from "marketing activities" and not the trading of physical assets. Now tell me what this means exactly...

Today's shorts:
Commodities crash and burn (bloomberg)

Today's longs:
Electric car spells end of petrol cars (reuters)

Scientists to create commodities out of thin air.