Thursday, July 7, 2011

France versus the USA

ECB © investors-europe

News comments:
The fight is on.

The war between the US Credit Rating Agencies who are trying to destroy the Euro with their junk ratings on countries propped up by French banks, the Americans are winning.

However, the French driven ECB has its middle fingers pointing over the Atlantic as it raises interest rates to make the EURO stronger than the USD. Hot money is pouring into the EURO and the USD backed by a bankrupt Country gets weaker and weaker.

The losers will not be the USA. The losers will be the French whose people via their banks will have to give the ECB even more money to help it bail out the PIGS.

Still at least the French have a Frenchie running the IMF ...

What a mess.

And it will be getting worse.

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Europe. (bloomberg)

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Europe (telegraph)

UK to be closed down like the News of the World.


Anonymous said...

Fin - are you on summer break - your posts are running about every 3 weeks it seems. How about 1 a week?