Thursday, July 14, 2011

I was hacked by News International

Fintag toothpaste © fintag

News comments:
You are a nobody unless you have been hacked by Rupert Murdoch.

So on record I can inform the world I was hacked. My voicemails were deleted, viruses pumped into my emails and I was followed continuously by mysterious men in white coats.

The old media is eating itself. Paper newspapers, along with books, are declining fast. They will never disappear, just become a another distribution channel for information and opinion, but the days of press barons controlling the news and political agenda has passed.

Murdoch et al have had their time. His MySpace deal showed us he is out of touch. He has lost his touch. The contagion is rather amusing though as anyone seen reading anything published by Murdoch is akin to watching child porn. Poor Wall Street Journal. I hope you are reading yours with your back to the wall.

Today's shorts:
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Today's longs:
Gold is the new bling (reuters)

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