Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I won the euro millions GBP161 million

I know its not the Euro Millions © fintag

News comments:
For one moment I thought I had won the euromillions. Of course the probability of me winning was tiny. But imagine if I had won the GBP161 million. What would I have invested in?

Let's say I give GBP11million to charity and used the a million as my vice pot, I would need to find a safe haven for the other GBP150million.

The risk free investment used to be G20 sovereign debt. Anything in the EURO zone was risk free because it was guaranteed by the ECB. There was no need to do any due diligence on the finances of these countries because they could always print more and had millions of taxpayers able to feed the debt interest payments and my income.

If only that were still the case. The West is out of the equation.

China looks interesting but I don't believe their numbers. If the West cannot get their numbers right, then there is no reason why I should trust the Chinese.

But like all blind sided investors, I am prepared to assume China is no Madoff. In the interests of diversity I am plumping for India, Australia, China, South Korea and Singapore.

FinTag has been predicted gloom and doom since 2006 and a return to hair shirts and sandals. So what are the next predictions?

France to be junk (along with Belgium and Italy)
Santander (of Spain) to collapse.
ECB to go bankrupt.
America to be downgraded by end of the year.
London luxury property boom to go phut as the UK government starts taxing foreign owned companies.
David Cameron to seek independence for Oxfordshire.

Today's shorts:
Euro Millions (a non murdoch newspaper)

Today's longs:
Ireland is up for sale - again (another non murdoch newspaper)

FinTag really did win the euro millions.


Corp Tax said...

Good to c u back...Have u been on summer hols, long hiatus bween posts

Euromillions said...

You have some unique ideas for things to put the money from the jackpot in. Myself has yet no special ideas, but I think they will come when I win the jackpot.