Friday, August 26, 2011

Blondes do have more fun

Once great, now a ruin © fintag

News comments:
Most trading decisions are made using What-If's.

What if this and this and this and this then buy.

What if that and that but not this and some of that and this then sell.

Of course there are so many factors out there to consider, lines of java, c sharp, r, vba can be longer than War and Peace.

An earthquake in New York. A state of emergency in New York thanks to Irene. Worst retail sales in UK living memory. Arab spring. Steve Jobs putting viruses into all the iApples. More QE. More inflation but in the wrong places. German intransigence. Revolving door Japanese Prime Minsters.

Despite Sweden and Norway being depressive and having some of the most nasty and complicated killings and nastiness known to the thriller writer, they are apparently not as grim as everywhere else.

So today, let us all be Swedes.

Today's shorts:
Grim (telegraph)

Grimmer (telegraph)

Printing more money grimness (reuters)

Bernanke the-god-fairy grimly grimaces (bloomberg)

Blonde and blue eyed (market watch)

Today's longs:
None today.

iJobs to be released later this year.


Anonymous said...

That is grim