Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long iPhone Short Everything Else

Opium © fintag

News comments:
It is becoming clear that the people of the West are in economic decline.

Belts are tightening and fat loss is occurring at a rapid speed. Gone are the days of being nice; now its nasty cut throat time. The Double Dip was obvious. It happened after the Great Crash and its happening again. Until the world realises that debt <> growth, then the world will prosper again. What it needs is inflation and to get that we need trade unions putting in large wage increases. We also need more anarchy. Alas, the younger generation are not capable of revolting and instead prefer emigrating (as we are seeing in Ireland and Portugal). Where is Bob Dylan? Where is Joe Strummer? Where is JFK?

But that is dull. What isn't is the shiny iPhone. The iPhone is the opium of the people. Whatever happens (war, flood, terror), as long as the people have a new iPhone they are happy and content. That is why you should short everything and go long Apple.

Odd thing is I am a Blackberry man and hate the iPhone with a passion.

Today's shorts:
RAM ROM (bloomberg)

Today's longs:
iFake (pcworld)

Google + still hasn't invited me.


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I've just made 150 Google+ sign-ups at the url below;


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Anonymous said...

'Alas the younger generation 'are' not capable of revolting..' perhaps.
Fin, attention to detail.