Friday, August 19, 2011

Predictions and why fintag always gets them right

Just listen to me © fintag

News comments:
Trumpet. Blow. Told you so.

We are in the game of prediction. I am not going to tell you why we are so good, but we just are. So here are some random predictions that err appear to have come true ... (I am source code)

Riots in the UK
Jan 2011

Aug 2011
As reported by the BBC.

Top Rate UK taxpayers pay 72% in tax
Dec 2010

Aug 2011
The telegraph catches on.

US to ban Credit Rating Agencies
Dec 2010

As noted today in bloomberg

Gold is the new Essex
Apr 2011

Gold hits new high (telegraph)

US downgraded
April 2011 (check out the picture)

August 2011
As reported by Reuters

Fintag to open up a clairvoyance business.


ibilly99 said...

err Fintag some of us remember your previous great blog when you predicted a collapse last September - but keep up the good work love your blog.