Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blackberry: Encryption and what else?

Piece of shti © fintag

News comments:
Three days. No Blackberry. Emails I deleted come back. No web access. Emails not coming through or going out. So its now just a phone.

I like Blackberry because the mails are encrypted and I like the keyboard. I can type much faster than on a finger tiring glass screen. But that is it. The apps are non existent. Its slow. The screen is tiny. Its going the way of DOS.

Please, will someone take over RIM and sort the company out? Get the handsets made in Asia for starters. Mine is made in Hungary. Well it was. The device is currently having a swim in my toilet.

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Today's longs:
Anything but RIM

Blackberry to rebrand as Apple Blossom.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fintag, its unfortunate what happened with your last fund or maybe current fund, but you got to let go of all the banker bashing .. its much predicable and very much tiring now, thanks vm,