Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blame the Politicians not the Bankers

Inflation © fintag

News comments:
As a child I collected stamps. Thought they maybe worth something in the future but no. Worthless. I blame Stanley Gibbons for pumping up my expectations.

You see I believed them. They were the "authority". Of course as a cynical adult it is clear stamp collecting was pumped to keep them in business.

My stamps were like CDOs or call options on the S&P 500. When I realised my stamps were worthless I looked for someone to blame. So I blamed Stanley Gibbons. They were my Bank.

Nobody regulates stamps but if they did I would blame them too. But I would be barking up the wrong tree. Stanley Gibbons is an organisation. One of many in the UK. And who looks after all these companies? Politicians.

During the boom, governments force fed the banks their debt. Banks liked the yield, liked it being tier 1 capital and could sell it easily. The politicians liked being able to say "more pensions", "more child care", "more silicon implants" and so on.

Banks were not the cause. They were just doing their jobs.

So it is with sadness that a bunch of elected morons in Europe cannot face up to their imbecilic behaviour over the past few years and just continue to bash the finance sector whenever they want deflect criticism away from them.

But that is dull.

Just read Michael Lewis's book, Boomerang. Looks like he read fintag during 2008. Anyway, he never mentions the Russians who funded Iceland. And Cyprus. And Ireland. Why would this be? He talks about the Icelandic banks rising from fishing boats. If it was that easy why doesn't Europe just create a fictitious bank?

Oops, they have already done that and not a Russian bean in sight (much better to buy out London where capital gains is zero and money laundering is a Camden pub band).

Today's shorts:
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Today's longs:
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Europe to demerge and Goldman Sachs to help it do so.


Anonymous said...

Like i said before

'Again, rather than more cribbing about your sorry state of affairs, kindly suggest real workable solution .. let me guess, next you are going to complain about beauracrats, then the politicians and then finally the public itself who elects those in power ... yes people are stupid .. get over it ..'

So now Fintag is finally getting the plot, he has reached blaming bankers, then central banks and now finally politician .. next to blame of course is public who elects politicians .. yes, that is it, people are stupid .. this should be more openly said and accepted but since its democracy, its not .. but yes, sadly the truth .. people are stupid and they will make stupid choices in life ..

Corp Tax said...

Hey Fintag what's your take on MF Global and their issues. Stock price is going down the tubes and anyone holding futures accounts with them better watch out. Could see a huge liquidation in commodities if they go the way of Lehmans.