Monday, October 3, 2011

Greece. A huge pimple ready to burst

VIX © fintag

News comments:
Greece. It's like a huge pimple.

The European politicians are pumping anti-biotics and covering it with super strength Acne cream every day. Meanwhile, the hedge funds and prop traders are pushing at its sides trying to squeeze it out.

The poor Greek citizens who reside inside the spot realise their free for all has been found out. Peter. Wolf. Our debt is under control. Our debt was worse than we thought. The Germans will look after us. No they won't. Yes they will.

CDS owners are watching as the pimple grows and grows and more creams are applied. They rub their hands, watching the politicians find money from nowhere ready to fund even more meds.

And then pop!

I reckon another 4 weeks and it will burst like a dormant volcano.

Today's shorts:
UK is too frightened to get RBS to start lending again (telegraph)

Acne Cream (acnecream)

Firefox. Please fix the bollox.

Today's longs:
More cream please (bloomberg)

Puss to kill thousands of fleeing European bankers.


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