Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Greece's military power and oral sex

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News comments:
So the most read news story today on Bloomberg is about oral sex.

In times like these when uncertainty prevails, attention to detail on diversionary and left field issues become more important. We learn from Bloomberg of all sources that stimulating your better half with your mouth has risks associated that are greater than smoking 20 a day.

Of course life is too short to worry about the joys of pleasure.

I once had a Greek girlfriend and she was, putting it politely, very active in her sexual pursuits. Volatile, experimental, soft and mad all in one go. The relationship was short and I became celibate and a heavy smoker for a while after. Being out of control with a Greek is a recipe for disaster as the Germans and French are now realising to the cost of the world's economy.

But that is for another blog.

Did you know Greece has a serious military might?

According to this blog, Greece has been buying up more military kit than nearly every other nation on earth.

"Greece now has more than 1,200 battle tanks, 1,700 armoured personnel carriers, 300 fighter jets (including 156 F-16s), eight submarines and more than 40 frigates, gunboats and miscellaneous missile carriers. The bloated Greek military now has an air force similar in size to Germany's -- a front line member of NATO with an economy 10 times larger than Greece and eight times as many people."

So the euro-TARP is a military fund. What an odd world we live in.

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BJs and the like (bloomberg)

Today's longs:
Answers on a postcard please.

Greece ready to nuke Germany. France ready to nuke Greece. Turkey to nuke itself.


Anonymous said...

They are readying an invasion of certain parts of N London..