Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Europe now double dipping

DD © fintag

News comments:
Just to add to the technocrats woes, Europe is now starting to double dip.

The last time industrial production fell was in the fall of 2008. Oops, now its falling again.

So I have some Euros in my wallet. Everyday they become worth less than my GBP which is a joke in itself. So I am investing in Norwegian Krona (Krone). It is time I abandoned my green card aspirations and went to Norway for it seems to be the only sensible European country left.

Today's shorts:
European Industrial Production falls 6 odd percent (eurostat)

Today's longs:
Norway. My new love (Norway Tourist Board)

UK to start a new Europe. New members to include Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy ...


Corp Tax said...

Norway is a beautiful place. The people are friendly and the women are smoking hot. But beware the frothiness in the scandie countries, seem set for a hard landing.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm luvverly cheap Euro Tarts, lets get Ryanaired agin!