Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mish Mash: Told you so

Young versus old © fintag

News comments:
The Euro is collapsing. What a surprise.

As you know we are the crystal ball gurus and have been predicting the death of the euro for quite a while. 2011 has been a year of change and 2012 will herald even more change.

Take this video I took yesterday showing a surreal 1984 scenario of undercover hoodie police men handling a defenceless student protester. Students are the people who will look after us when we are old. The way things are going, Students will soon be shooting anyone with a pension.

Onto the "real world" and the fintag plan of a two tier Euro is on its way...

France is the next to fall (fintag)

Greece took its money and ran (fintag)

Italy is a ponzi scheme (fintag)

PIGS to be relegated to Euro B (fintag)

Why did the head of Lloyds TSB run off so quickly? Gossip is he has history with F1 Bernie ...


Anonymous said...

Agents proquoteur

Anonymous said...

Two Things,

Stop with your delusional talk about pension .. students are completely useless .. this current generation is the first generation in decades to be less literate than previous generation .. black students think its gay to get high grades .. do i depend on these lazy asses to take care of me ?! I have got aggressive pension contribution and active management of the entire portfolio.. of course this point is lost on most people ..

When you make predictions, pls give disclaimer they are not really tradeable .. it seems to give appearance that since u get such good predictions turning to be correct that you might be rolling in millions .. less experienced/smart people might think you are da man .. but atleast let them not get the idea that there is tons of money to be made reading your prediction ..

Anonymous said...

Well hedgie, your ability to call things impresses, though not as much a cute cartoon.