Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The UK's biggest threat revealed

Bank of England © fintag

News comments:
The Bank of England's Systemic Risk Survey has come out.

This reveals what the UK fears the most. The most alarming statistic is over 54% expect there to be a high impact event in the short term. Could this be the assignation of Simon Cowell? Or perhaps Lady Gaga being the next president of the USA? Or maybe 2012 will really be the end of the world?

No, it's Sovereign risk.

How dull is that? Joint first is a double dip recession followed by funding risk. For those in Tents, the threat of the Occupy protests is bottom in the survey.

Today's shorts:
UK to be hit by sky satellite (bank of england)

Who will be the first CRA to crumble? (bloomberg)

Today's longs:
cash (Cash)

Lloyds Bank ill CEO seen back in the UK shopping in New Bond Street.


alternative investments said...

The papers are all filled with stories about how fear is at the highest level post-Lehman. There is no question this is accurate, and I'm surprised its taken people this long to understand the magnitude of the risk out there. A disorderly break-up of the Eurozone would probably be worse than Lehman. At a minimum, it seems like we are entering a risk area of similar magnitude, and the sick thing is, its kind of exciting!