Monday, December 19, 2011

Euro: When chemo is no longer required

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News comments:
Christmas drinks.

A marketer from Bluecrest. An American lawyer at a Swiss bank. A hedge fund lawyer. Economist at Bank of England. A financial journo. High Net Worth who trades own money.

The Euro featured heavily. The optimists believe the IMF will save the day. National governments will band together and pour money into the IMF which in turn will enable the ECB to be a lender of last resort. The pessimists believe the IMF will not be funded, the Greek unpaid army will take power and Italy will be found to have cooked its books, the Spanish banks will have a run that forces them to be nationalised and the UK will, with the help of the USA, ensure the Euro dies a painful death by obstructing any treaty or fudge.

Yep. Euro will end at the end of this month,

Today's shorts:
IMF says non (telegraph)

Today's longs:
Korea to be one (bloomberg)

Spanish health service to collapse by next summer.


Corp Tax said...

So who was the optimist and who the pessimist at your xmas drinks? Plus where was my invite!!

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