Friday, January 20, 2012

Buffett takes our advice

Buffett © fintag

News comments:
Good to see Buffett following our advice.

Although we are not allowed to give advice we did say if we could then Tesco TESO.L would be a good buy (fintag). So we were pleased to see Buffett tucking in for some more cheap stock. (guardian)

We also mentioned after Christmas (fintag) that UK Doctor's pension funds put Bob Diamond's to shame and the media has now picked this up. Nice. (telegraph)

And yes, French zombie banks have been propped up with the blood of Greeks (fintag) and it is running out (bloomberg).

But nobody likes a show off.

Proper news to follow ...

Fintag is the hier apparent.


Corp Tax said...

Not just Buffett. I got long the June future in Tesco.

Anonymous said...

Fintag should stop being an analyst and start being a trader, what's the point of writing reports when you can make money,