Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The death of the shopping mall

Westfield © fintag

News comments:
Retail figures are coming out.

The last time I was in a London shopping mall, Westfield, it was noticeable that there were no shoppers between 18 and 35. This generation cannot be bothered with the stress to shop and pay premium prices for products they can buy on-line. Those under 18 go to hang out and those over 35 are still part of the shopping generation and go to keep warm.

The shopping mall business model is dead. So it is with bemusement that a huge center in Stratford near the Olympics has opened.

Today's shorts:
UK shops (cityam)

Today's longs:
World's most boring man to race Obama (marketwatch)

Amazon river to be rerouted into Oxford Street.

Finbar Taggit's delayed knighthood to be announced shortly (that is, he has turned it down).


BrianSJ said...

“No medium has ever survived the indifference of 25-year-olds,” Clay Shirky