Friday, January 20, 2012

Google. Good days are over

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News comments:
Google hasn't delivered. (abc).

Google is facing unprecedented threats from all angles.

Here are some:

Copyright and IP: Google search links to sites that sell illegal services and goods. If PIPA and SOPA and the EU's copyright laws kickin, it will make Google culpable for its content distribution. There is no way Google will be able to continue as is. The attacks on Youtube have been contained but taking down a video clip is easier than 57.7 million blogs and websites linking to The challenge is very challenging.

Android may appear to be "open source" but with Apple et al hitting the courts for IP theft, it is possible Android could be taken out of action. Does Google want to end up funding lawyers? As Google has said its greatest threat is itself (nytimes nov2011)

Google is now of age. It is sweet sixteen and is already obese and prone to tantrums. It has too many offices, too many people, too much corporate red tape holding back innovation, and is too big (anti-trust, monopoly arrogance). It made the mistake of going public too.

Tax mitigation and avoidance is putting Google on par with Mitt Romney. Only little people (on minimum wage) pay more in percentage taxes. (amazon)

Forays into social networking like G+ are not working. Google doesn't know what its core competency is anymore. (wiki)

Google servers are contributing to global warming and they are looking to move them to Iceland and Norway. That is admirable but the business model is wrong. Client - Server cloud maybe ok for holding files, but search indices? New kids on the block are looking at free peer to peer search using all those devices that always on to be the "servers" for search. (YaCy)

Google ads are superb. Easy to set up, easy to get paid, it is brilliant. It has enabled Google to grow extremely fast because it is so cost effective. But others are catching up and like the iPhone, others are starting to do it better and cheaper. (5 alternatives).

And as for Google Wallet ... (stinks)

So where next? Buy, Sell, Hold? Ask you local equity analyst. RBS seems to have a quite a few .... (efinancialcareers)

Today's shorts:
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Grrrr hat-tip (CO)(businessinsider)

Today's longs:
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Very few Google employees use google plus.


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