Monday, January 30, 2012

Long chocolate

Chocolate © fintag

News comments:
Chocolate is the new black.

Chocolate is booming. The tonnage price for cocoa liqueur is pushing new highs and the size of chocolate bars is ever falling. London has opened up a number of top end chocolate boutiques and my understanding is obese people often have a love for this tobacco additive substance and there is a correlation.

What is staggering is the rise of fine chocolate in the USA. 10 years ago you had Hershey bars and that was about it. Today there are 30 plus brands (I made this up but it seems reasonable (wikipedia)).

And the price is going to go up even more (nestle). Child labour abuse and poor health and safety eradication will give way to more costs. The demand by the BRIC countries continues to rise. So there you go.

OK. I know you want to know what the latest Greek excuse is and all I can say is my hedgie mates want a default because default = CDS trigger event = big chocolate bars.

Today's shorts:
Ed Milliballs berates Cameron for his chocolate u-turn (bbc)

Today's longs:
Tango Chocolate (edp24)

Chocolate to be become the new currency of Europe.


Anonymous said...

Stop living in past and get real, all the banker bashing and hedgie mates, haha, wake up, buddy, what are, and don't say a smart blooger, you should jumpt off in Thames for your miserable existence ..