Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lunching while Rome burns

Spots © Rich Con Artist

News comments:
At this stage of a new year we expect to see a spot bursting.

A celebrity death or misadventure, a natural disaster or an economic event to give us food for thought.

Nothing yet. Nothing but people talking and red tape and conference calls that should never have happened.

Take Einhorn. Insider dealing. They have a call and learn about something that may happen in the future. They act on it. It is deemed inside information and they get fined. Why? They had a large stake, it was obvious they were winding down their position, no need for Sherlock Holmes. No wonder faxes, ink and paper, and lunches at places in back and beyond are back in fashion.

Take Mervyn King. He hasn't much to do these days expect print more cash. Which is what he wants to do. QE = Cash = Bonuses. Bankers are going to have another bumper year of failure and bonuses. (cityam)

Take Merkel. She loves to talk. She loves to tell us the Euro is safe, the Euro is fcked. Today Greece is fcked but we know that already. Portugal is fcked. We are all fcked. (europa). HSBC is fcked (cityam).

Today's shorts:
Hedge Fund managers to be plastered onto cereal packets: "Have you seen this overpaid man?" (ftalphaville)

Transparency kills the hedgie star (cnbc)

Today's longs:
Flat tax to hit the UK very soon and about time too (telegraph)

Hedgies get the upper hand over the Greek refinancing debacle (bloomberg)

Grangers in Notting Hill. 202 London in Notting Hill. 90:1 Female / Male ratio. Inside trading gossip off the menu as too many distractions ...