Monday, February 6, 2012

Greece prepares to leave Euro

greece © eu

News comments:
A bit like watching a Hollywood couple with the perfect marriage that we all know is not so and yet we are still shocked when a Tweet or two tell the world it was a sham and it's all over.

Greece. The longest running and most boring soap opera is coming to an end. Here is a leaked Tweet that has come our way via tor-megaupload-wikileaks-scribd-recycle-bin:

@theworld Greece has decided to enter a new era of the Drachma. It would like to thank the IMF, the IFF, the hedge funds, the technocrats, for providing us with free biscuits and coffee during .... [Ed: > 140]

Greece is going to leave the Euro. You know this and I know this. My hedge fund mates know this and all the Greeks know this except a few "jobs for the boys" politicians who are still moving their assets abroad before tweeting like crazy.

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Greece prepares to leave the Euro ...


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Corp Tax said...

Hope Greece leaves Ezone before summer. My holiday to Mykonos this will be far better value for money