Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Direction and waiting for the next celebrity death

one direction © fintag

News comments:
Sometimes just saying it over and over again will make it happen.

Take Greece. It will go bust. It has an appalling track record and has people who are revolting. (telegraph)

Take Private Equity. For years we have moaned about their tax breaks and being responsible for the credit crunch. Looks like the techocrats have woken up to a large tax pool thanks to Mitt Romney. (irishtimes)

Take Obama. Even before he was elected (lest not forget I saw him taking money off hedgies in Greenwich in the days when he loved money) we predicted he would be a one trick donkey. Mormon moron here we come. (persicope)

Take bonuses. We have ranted about the short term deferred salaries called bonuses for years (at least hedgies are up front with their performance fees). And now we are seeing banking partnerships coming back into fashion. (asiaone)

Take Facebook. We told you it was worth a USD100bn a year ago and hey presto it is IPO'ing at USD100bn. Unbelievable but there you go. Dot com madness Ocado style. (Ed: Not quite)

Real news to follow shortly ...