Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring and all change

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News comments:
The Daffodils are out and young lovers are snogging in Hyde Park.

The times are a changin' and as the S&P bulls pounce on undervalued high yielding stocks, 2008 and all that is becoming a foot note in the history books.

Will muppetgate be the final nail in the coffin for the bank (hedge fund) we all love to hate (and yet wouldn't mind some its bonus pool)?

Hector Sants who presided over the light touch regulation of Scottish banks during the boom years is to leave the FSA with a whimper.

The FSA (not the Food Standards Agency) is in turmoil as the FCA and the PRA fight over the easy work ready for the 2013 relaunch as the lawyers best friend.

English football comes to an end as the Italians and Spanish push aside their defaults and the old and overpaid SKY sponsored premiership bloaters prepare to retire as Qatar take's over the reigns and introduces compulsory AC and Camel rides during the interval.

The iPad 3 will hail the end of 20 20 vision (mine arrived this morning and after 30 minutes my eyes were bleeding and so had to be calmed down with a burst on the Kindle).

iPad will usher in the Google Goggles because where can you go now with a tablet?

New Order reach the top of the iTunes charts following the latest Syrian product placement (along with Right Said Fred).

Today's shorts:
Miss Piggy resigns from JP Morgan (reuters)

Today's longs:
Sants ready to be the next Tesco CEO (cityam)

Obama and Camerons love child to be called Samichelle if its a girl and Samichelle if its a boy.