Thursday, March 22, 2012


Not Tulisa © lionel messi

News comments:
The UK budget frenzy is over and it shows what a mess the UK is in.

London is the greatest city on the planet which explains why overseas companies are hoovering up safe real estate assets. A purchase tax (stamp duty) of 7% (or 15% if you don't set the company up properly) for assets over GBP2million will ensure these are either long term holds or will just keep pushing the prices up by 7% a year. Where is the CGT? Best to tax on the way out, not the way in.

If you are looking for opportunities then try Berlin. Like Notting Hill in the 1960s it has rent controls but these are coming to an end. Prices will rocket. And why not? Germany is a proper AAA country and Berlin is its London.

Budget good news: Flat tax on its way, Irish like corporation tax, high rate starting to fall
Budget bad news: Why is VAT still 20%? Being over 65 and never been on welfare, high net worth married people, luncheon vouchers, having children, debt still increasing and AAA being challenged.

AAA - does it matter? UK can print its own money so who cares?

Today's shorts:
Granny's to protest outside St Pauls Cathedral (telegraph)

Knight Frank says business as usual (prweb)

Today's longs:
Fiscal Pact joke continues (ft)

Fintag looking to leak his sex tape to get more hits.