Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Shale Gas Bubble

New Order © EIA

News comments:
Shale Gas is the new dot com, the new tulip mania, the new subprime gold rush.

Having recently had the chance to pick the brain of a leading Texan lawyer on Hydraulic Fracturing and shale gas production, it became clear I was out of my league. But I am a fast learner. The media has been bubbling with this exciting new (well its been around since the 1980s) concept that will rid us all of being dependent on peasant states who have oil.

Although it is still unclear which countries will strike gold, it is clear that some of the most indebted countries could find a way out and other non-countries could soon have their own version of Dallas or Dynasty.

Poland. Norway. France. The UK. Yep, this tiny island could become one of the world's leading producers.

Let us hope Greece and Spain find some tulips in their backyard.

Today's shorts:
Spain's debt to be paid by an Argentinian (telegraph)

Spain - I told you so (fintag)

Today's longs:
Shale stats (geology)

UK to vibrate itself (reuters)

UK to shoot itself in the foot (bbc)

Argentina no longer needs Falklands oil (forbes)

No gossip today because gossip = inside information = market abuse = no more lunches.


Redrtut said...

I was a little thrown off by the title- How is it the new dotcom bubble or tulipmania??

Nat Gas is at all time lows because the supply far exceeds the demand.

Corp Tax said...

Fracking last year caused 2 tiny earthquakes near Blackpool. The locals were up in arms. The huge pollution caused by the intial fracking process makes it a non-starter in the UK as our population woould rather pay eye gouging petrol and gas prices than hurt the environment.