Friday, May 11, 2012

Why would you want to be American?

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News comments:
Here are two reasons not to be American.

Firstly, if you are just about to IPO and want to avoid some nasty tax on your capital gains you need to reside in Singapore.

Take the co-founder of Facebook which is about to IPO at Groupon / Fortress type silly prices (bloomberg) for he is doing just that.

Secondly, if you fancy investing in something outside of the USA you will find it's impossible. (toronto star)

Over zealous Obama and his FATCA legislation are effectively forcing Swiss wealth managers, bog standard funds and private equity players to give the middle finger to American citizens. Which is interesting because most wealthy Americans I meet these days say they are Polish or Italian or German and are transitioning out of the USA.

But this aside, and having to smile all the time with great teeth and enjoy money laundering through tipping waiters in cash, America is still the best long, despite its Greece like debt, anywhere in the world. Makes me green with envy ...

Today's shorts:
City bonuses back to 1990s levels (efin)

Today's longs:
Facebook undervalued x 3 (fintag)

Dimon to have Noah and the Whale play at the JP Morgan Christmas party.