Thursday, June 14, 2012

69% of Germans say

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News comments:
We all want a Europe resolution because sitting on cash is extremely tedious.

The will of the Eurocrats and politicos and the media is for Germany to sponsor a huge mopping up fund in the style of Hamilton's US hidden sinking fund in the 18th century.

But it isn't that easy because you have to change treaties and laws. And you have to listen to the little people too:

"According to a survey published by polling institute YouGov on Wednesday, 69 percent of Germans think Greece should leave the euro, and only 17 percent want it to stay in."


June 17th is ground zero (unless its another hung parliament) and with these stats...

"Greece's economy shrank further in the first three months of 2012, shrivelling at a yearly rate of 6.5 percent against a backdrop of painful wage cuts, tax hikes and record unemployment."

(athens news)

...we are seeing a rich and powerful nation slowly crush and destroy a nation that should be let free. It is like a failed marriage - divorce is painful but in the long run the best option.

"...where has it ever been heard that the annihilation of a peoples and dissolution of a country is a condition for participation in the euro?" Alexis Tsipras.

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