Thursday, June 21, 2012

Germany says Yes! Germany denies Yes!

Spains new currency © fintag

News comments:
The Euro soap opera is taking its toll and making short term and long term trading near impossible. No wonder illiquid assets are back in vogue (treasure, art, wine, trees, distressed credit)

Media: Spain puts pressure on the EU to give it free cash as it has run out. EUR600bn to be handed out with no strings. Markets rise on news.

Merkel (or other stooge): We believe in the Euro but cannot support countires who have flouted the EU treaties. Markets fall.

Media: Obama tells Merkel she is causing the death of millions in Euro and has forced her to make a u-turn. Markets rise.

Merkel: There is no truth in Germany bailing out those who photoshop swastikas on my arms and with the other hand beg for cash. Markets fall.

Media: Spain and Italy gang up on Merkel and bully her to pump cash into the Euro-Tarp to save their ailing economies and she says yes. Markets rise.

Merkel: I deny there is any truth in debt sharing. These are theoretical ideas and will not turn into reality. Markets fall.

Media: Germany to tire out the Greeks, pounce and thrash (yahoo). Market volatility becomes a joke.

Today's shorts:
Man decides to pay more tax to keep his job (dailymail)

Today's longs:
Dixon man leaves for Apple and Dixon does good (sharecast)

Germany to leave euro (again)


Anonymous said...

Markets gettin jiggy wid it.


Anonymous said...

Just noticed your donate button on the sidebar - is the hedge fund not doing well Mr Barr

investment in bamboo said...

Speaking of Germany, its entirely possible they will leave the Euro themselves. Don't underestimate this possibility.